Experienced Attorneys Advocate For Injured Drivers And Passengers

Experienced Attorneys Advocate For Injured Drivers And Passengers

Any lawsuit stemming from a traffic accident hinges on the question of negligence. Proving liability can be a huge hurdle for motorcyclists, since many people, judges and jurors included, harbor negative preconceptions about motorcyclists. Our injury lawyers shatter stereotypes with clear, concise presentations of factual evidence. With more than 175 years of combined experience, our legal team knows how to build a solid case for the maximum level of compensation. motorcycle accident law

Surprising motorcycle accident statistics

Motorcycle accidents are increasingly common in our city. Because motorcycle riders are so exposed, accidents often have serious, even deadly, consequences. In 2016, 463 motorcyclists were killed on Texas roads. In addition, 33 motorcycle passengers lost their lives, 1,861 motorcycle riders and 147 passengers suffered critical injuries, and thousands more suffered other injuries in motorcycle crashes.

Knowledge of the common causes of motorcycle crashes

If you’ve had a motorcycle accident and are considering a personal injury lawsuit, our lawyers can analyze your crash to make a preliminary assessment of fault. We have experience with a wide array of motorcycle accident scenarios, including:

Vehicles turning left — A left turn or a U-turn takes a vehicle across lanes of oncoming traffic. When drivers do not see an oncoming motorcycle and move a car, truck, or van across the oncoming lane, they create a T-bone scenario, where the bike smashes into the broad side of the turning vehicle.
Head-on collisions — This most deadly crash occurs when a negligent driver crosses the divide between opposing lanes of traffic.
Lane splitting — Law does not specifically address this practice that allows motorcycles to slice through slow-moving traffic. But bikers who are injured while lane-splitting must overcome perceptions that lane-splitting is always too risky.
Lane sharing — More like lane-encroaching, this is an inherently unsafe practice where cars attempt to ride alongside a motorcycle or pass within the same lane.
Speeding and alcohol impairment — The two major causes of any traffic accident strongly suggest negligence and liability for the accident.
Crashes with stationary objects — When a motorcycle hits a stationary object, such as a tree or a lamppost, the burden is on the biker to show that another driver or a hazardous road condition forced him off the road.
Road hazards — When road hazards cause accidents, the injured party must show that the entity responsible for maintaining the road was negligent for not properly dealing with the hazard.
An injured party who shares even the slightest blame for an accident cannot recover full compensation. Texas does require motorcyclists to wear helmets, but failure to do so is not considered contributory negligence in a personal injury case. However, the possibility that a court could rule you ineligible for compensation makes your lawyer’s role even more urgent.

Contact a motorcycle accident lawyer for the help you deserve
If you or a loved one has been seriously injured in a motorcycle accident, trust our team of attorneys to fight for your maximum recovery. We know how to build a compelling case for the compensation you deserve.

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